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By applying low-voltage electric current to plants, electroculture stimulates their growth and improves their nutrient uptake, leading to healthier and more productive crops. Find out more….


Quick, healthy and grown from the garden (or grocery)  Elevate your dish with these fun recipes for zucchini noodles, zesty dressings,  compound butter and more.


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Want to learn more about specific plant needs? We have collected some great tips and identifiers from our gardening community and share them here.

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Whether you are a seasoned professional in the kitchen or moving to your first place. We have collected our best kitchen tools ranging from budget to luxury and reviewed them. Find our more….

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About us

Welcome to Farm To Flowers- We’re a vibrant community of garden enthusiasts, passionate about cultivating beauty and nourishing life right from our backyards. We run a charming micro flower farm, and offer a treasure trove of insights on our blog about the latest in gardening trends and innovative practices like ElectroCulture.

But we’re more than just a blog and a farm. We’re a family company based in Coastal Zone 8a, dedicated to promoting sustainable and healthy agricultural practices. We love cooking and connecting with our family. We have great relationships with our sponsors for giveaways, unboxing/reviews, and distribution partners nationwide.

Join us on this exciting journey! Learn about the benefits of Electroculture, discover new recipes and be part of a community! 

Check back often for our giveaways and new articles! Want to be a part of our family?  We invite you to share your gardening tips and ideas- contact us!